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Introduction into the World of Cybersecurity at The Universities at Shady Grove, Rockville, MD

One Week: July 9 – 13, 2018
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Taught By: Julio Valcarcel, Cyber Engineer at Interclypse
UMBC Faculty: Dr. Richard Forno, Cybersecurity Graduate Program Director
Target Group: Entering 9th – 12th
Cost: $495

While we see the outcomes from lack of cybersecurity in the news via breaches, many don’t know the full scope of the exciting world of cybersecurity! The Introduction into the World of Cybersecurity summer camp experience promises to expose participants to exciting hands-on activities by top industry professionals in ethical hacking, digital forensics, and open source investigation. Participants will discuss industry requirements, and explore the possibilities of choosing a career in cybersecurity. Activities will also include a field trip to the Cyber Security Operations Center at Northrop Grumman Corporation.

This Introduction into the World of Cybersecurity summer camp takes place at:

UMBC at The Universities at Shady Grove
9636 Gudelsky Drive
Rockville, MD 2085

 Girls are encouraged to participate!

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