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YouTube Productions

YouTube Film Reel

Sessions Offered: Session 2, Session 3

What to Expect: Do you enjoy VLogs and Streams? 1.8 billion people watch over 5 billion videos each day!  In a competitive viewing environment your videos have to stand out from everyone elses. Become a content creator and add to the 300 hours of video uploaded every minute on the internet. Stream and contribute to the almost 3 million Twitch streams each month (including FortNight Twitch stream). These online platforms are rapidly becoming more popular than traditional video outlets and will soon bypass Television in viewers and content produced. In addition to using your phone cameras, students will go behind the scenes in a High Definition Studio, learn how to shoot, edit, upload and stream with professional cameras, editing suites and green screen. This course will teach you the skills to take your content to the next level, and be like all your favorite online personalities and streamers.