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The Science of Environmental Energy

Solar Panel

Sessions Offered: TBD

What to Expect: Our planet’s fossil fuel resources are running out. Our electronic devices are becoming more efficient, but…  energy is wasted all the time. Sunlight, vibration, waves and heat can all be turned into useful electrical energy if you just know how.  What is Energy harvesting? Do you want to learn how to turn wasted environmental energy into electrical energy? As thepower requirement of modern electronics gets smaller, energy harvesting has emerged as a key cutting edge technology to enable sustainable electronics operation with little-to-no battery replacement. Learn the basic dynamics for transforming wasted environmental energy. Get hands on, and discover your “inner” inventor.  Analyze, design, build, computer code and test your very own vibration harvester and prototype using 3D Computer-Aided Design and printers. This weeklong workshop includes a field trip to Potomac Photonics, a 3D printing company.

The world needs alternatives to solve our energy crisis and Dr Soobum Lee’s research here at UMBC is part of that solution.