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Music Academy: Guitar


Sessions Offered:

What to Expect: The SEE Summer Guitar Academy invites guitarists of any level to participate in a week-long course designed to help anyone improve their guitar skills.  Regardless of incoming ability, this program will help students develop multiple skills through a wide set of classes and workshops.

Classes will be held at UMBC’s state of the art music facilities and will be taught by UMBC music faculty.  All students will participate in a performance at the end of the week that will be free and open to family and friends.

Acoustic Guitar (classical or steel-string)

Topics to be covered:
Guitar Solo: Positioning, Technique, Tone/Timbre, Nail Care, Sight Reading, Fretboard Harmony, and Musicality
Guitar Ensemble: Interacting with a large ensemble, Music Theory, Arranging
Special Topics: Principles of instrument building, Writing program notes.