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LEAD – Leadership Exploration and Development

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Sessions Offered: Session 3, Session 4

What to Expect: The world needs leaders now more than ever regardless of age, rLEAD is a curriculum of interactive  workshops and experiences designed to cultivate leadership excellence. Each workshop and experiences is specifically designed to help students enhance their leadership competencies as well as develop their leadership potential. Each LEAD workshop is grounded in the Seven C’s Social Change Leadership Model.

The Social Change Model examines leadership development from three different perspectives:

Individual: What personal qualities are we attempting to foster and develop in those who participate in a leadership development program?  What personal qualities are most supportive of group functioning and positive social change?

Group: How can the collaborative leadership development process be designed not only to facilitate the development of the desired individual qualities (above) but also to effect positive social change?

Community:Toward what social ends is the leadership development activity directed?  What kinds of activities are the most effective in energizing the group and in developing desired personal qualities in the individual?

Workshop topics will include; Leadership Theory, Communication Skills, Multiculturalism, Creating a Vision, Ethical Decision Making, Who Am I? and Collaborating with Difficult People.

Participants will learn:

  • To improve their leadership competence and cultivate their leadership potential
  • To develop practical application and increase understanding of leadership roles
  • To connect everyday activities to  leadership roles and organizational activities.
  • To develop the skills needed to have a positive impact on their community
  • To better understand how to apply leadership to their  life