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Anime and Japanese Culture

Anime Boy

Sessions Offered: Session 2, Session 3

What to Expect: Anime is a cartoons right? When you think of anime do you imagines large eyes, colorful hair, and funny outfits?  If only it were that simple… Anime has always been used to tell the story of Japanese culture and society. There is so much Japanese culture reflected in anime that you might miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Explore Japanese and American cultures through the lens of anime. Learn about Japanese tradition, language, family, food, festivals, holidays, school life and even manners. Find out how ideas, culture and themes are illustrated in anime and the effects they have had on shaping modern Japanese culture.

Let your imagination go… Create your own characters, storyline and drawings based on what you have learned. Develop your own flip-book manga that tells your story and so much more!